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Characteristics and significance of D-tagatose-induced liver enlargement in rats : An interpretative review.

Bär, A

This review addresses the issue of asymptomatic liver enlargement in rats . It was necessitated by the observation of significantly increased liver weights in rats fed diets with 10 to 20% D-tagatose, a potential new bulk sweetener, for between 28 and 90 days. Increases of liver size without accompanying histopathological changes or impairment of organ function have been observed in rats in response to the ingestion of various xenobiotic compounds (including some food additives), changes of dietary composition (e.g. , high doses of fructose and sucrose), metabolic aberrations (e.g., diabetes), as well as normal pregnancy and lactation. The underlying mechanism(s) are not yet understood in detail but peroxisome proliferation, microsomal enzyme induction, increased storage of glycogen or lipids, and hyperfunction due to an excessive workload are well-established causes of hepatomegaly in rats . In D-tagatose- and fructose-fed rats , a treatment-related increase of hepatic glycogen storage was identified as a likely cause of the liver enlargement. Dietary levels of 5% and about 15-20% were determined as no-effect levels (NOEL) for D-tagatose- and fructose-induced liver enlargement, respectively. At doses above the NOEL, D-tagatose is about four times more efficient than fructose in inducing liver enlargement. On the other hand, the estimated intake of D-tagatose from its intended uses in food is about four times lower than the actual fructose intake. Consequently, a similar safety margin would apply for both sugars. Considering the similarity of the liver effects in rats of fructose, a safe food ingredient, and D-tagatose, the absence of histopathological changes in rats fed a diet with 20% D-tagatose for 90 days, and the absence of adverse long-term consequences of glycogen-induced liver enlargement in rats , it is concluded that the observed liver enlargement in D-tagatose-fed rats has no relevance for the assessment of human safety of this substance. Copyright 1999

Fractal and Fourier analysis of the hepatic sinusoidal network in normal and cirrhotic rat liver

Gaudio, Eugenio; Chaberek, Slawomir; Montella, Andrea; Pannarale, Luigi; Morini, Sergio; Novelli, Gilnardo; Borghese, Federica; Conte, Davide; Ostrowski, Kazimierz

The organization of the hepatic microvascular network has been widely studied in recent years, especially with regard to cirrhosis. This research has enabled us to recognize the distinctive vascular patterns in the cirrhotic liver , compared with the normal liver , which may explain the cause of liver dysfunction and failure. The aim of this study was to compare normal and cirrhotic rat livers by means of a quantitative mathematical approach based on fractal and Fourier analyses performed on photomicrographs and therefore on discriminant analysis. Vascular corrosion casts of livers belonging to the following three experimental groups were studied by scanning electron microscopy: normal rats , CCl4-induced cirrhotic rats and cirrhotic rats after ligation of the bile duct. Photomicrographs were taken at a standard magnification; these images were used for the mathematical analysis. Our experimental design found that use of these different analyses reaches an efficiency of over 94%. Our analyses demonstrated a higher complexity of the normal hepatic sinusoidal network in comparison with the cirrhotic network. In particular, the morphological changes were more marked in the animals with bile duct-ligation cirrhosis compared with animals with CCl4-induced cirrhosis. The present findings based on fractal and Fourier analysis could increase our understanding of the pathophysiological alterations of the liver , and may have a diagnostic value in future clinical research. PMID:16050897

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Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson help Sandler banish memories of "The Ridiculous 6" (almost).

Richard Trenholm
Atsushi Nishijima

Adam Sandler can't win. He's absolutely fantastic in the new movie "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)", now arriving on Cheap Sale Visit New Sale Official Christian Louboutin Metallic Platform Pumps xEVjOzZI
. But AIR MAX 1 Trainers wolf grey/white/black Free Shipping Big Sale Cheap Sale Choice Super Cheap Sale Comfortable Online Cheap o6Bmw
is couched with surprise after his recent run of awful, awful films for the streaming service.

Yes, it's a backhanded compliment, but if that bothers him, well, I guess he shouldn't have made " The Ridiculous 6 ",

"The Meyerowitz Stories" isn't exactly "an Adam Sandler film". Yes, he is in it, and he does have a multi-film contract with Netflix . And it's very funny, and it does have quite a lot of slapstick, and Sandler plays a boy-man with a propensity for sudden outbursts of rage...actually, it's not a million miles away from Sandler's usual schtick, is it? He even sings a bit. But "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)" is written and directed by Noah Baumbach , chronicler of familial and millennial dysfunction in such mumblecore outings as "Frances Ha" and "The Squid and The Whale". It may have Adam Sandler in it, and it may be on Netflix, but it's no " Nine West Womens Fifth Pump Nine West Pre Order Cheap Online Cost Sale Online XosS3W

Sandler plays Danny, the disappointing son in the Meyerowitz clan. An unassuming divorcee devoted to his daughter, he and his repressed sister have lived their lives in the shadow of their cantankerous sculptor father.

Dustin Hoffman anchors the film as the infuriating, magnetic patriarch Harold Meyerowitz, by turns roguishly charming and monstrously self-absorbed. Much to Danny's annoyance, Harold dotes on his wealthy and successful other son, played by Ben Stiller, who in turn can't stop his resentment of his father bubbling up to the surface.

Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler get their (new and selected) stories straight.

The stage is set for decades-old family tension and unresolved angst to seek release. The film is divided into chapters finding the Meyerowitz clan at different transition points in their lives: divorce, going to college, giving up booze (or pretending to), and growing old. This chapter-like structure and setting within the New York art and academic world gives it a bookish feel, like a collection of "New Yorker" short stories. But there's a cinematic edge too with some precisely-judged editing that turns scene transitions into gags in themselves.

Baumbach has collaborated with fellow director Wes Anderson on a couple of films, and this feels a lot like his version of Anderson's " The Royal Tenenbaums " (which also starred Stiller). It's a lot less self-consciously stylised, however -- this eccentric clan feels achingly real.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigns amid ethics investigations
Arts Entertainment Movies

Watch the trailer for "The Meyerowitz Stories."

Watch the trailer for "The Meyerowitz Stories."

Michael Phillips Contact Reporter Chicago Tribune

Adam Sandler has made some of the rankest comedies in modern movies, and in a miserably divided world, that’s one thing on which we can all agree. But his excellent work in the new Noah Baumbach film “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)” did not come out of thin air.

With the perpetually divisive exception of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Punch-Drunk Love,” a lot of Sandler’s earlier attempts at seriocomic or dramatic material succeeded even when the films themselves did not. In projects as disparate as “Men, Women and Children” (earnest message movie: Your kids will be destroyed by the internet) and “Funny People” (earnest self-reflection: Comics are people, too), Sandler’s in there, doing his job, working hard to tamp down his usual vocal strangulations and line readings while searching, quietly, for the intersection of material and performer. There’s no money in that sort of acting, or those sorts of vehicles, if you made your millions on “Grown-Ups 2” and “The Ridiculous Six.”

inRead invented by Teads
inRead invented by Teads

But “The Meyerowitz Stories” hands Sandler his finest 110 minutes on screen. It’s an ensemble affair, not a star vehicle, which likely helped Sandler ease into a new and affecting register.

He plays Danny Meyerowitz, recently separated, the father of a college freshman (Grace Van Patten) studying film upstate at the college where Danny’s sculptor father (Dustin Hoffman) taught for decades. Danny, who was his daughter’s primary caregiver, now finds himself the most conspicuously rudderless of the grown Meyerowitz siblings. Sister Jean (Elizabeth Marvel) works at Xerox. They’re New Yorkers; their half-brother Matthew (Ben Stiller), whom dad always favored, is a successful accountant living in LA, but he’s coping with his own marital troubles.

Baumbach places his lightly worn shawl of a plot on the shoulders of those dysfunctional family standbys, real estate and a health crisis. Father Harold’s fourth wife, Maureen ( Emma Thompson , dressed like the last one out of the OD tent at Woodstock), is urging the sale of the Manhattan townhouse. There’s a group show of faculty work at Harold’s old college on the horizon, but soon after a particularly harsh argument between Harold and Matthew, Harold lands in the hospital. This brings the siblings, halves and wholes, back into the same uneasy orbit for the first time in years.

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Organizational Change Management: Redefining the Change Curve
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